Venturing into the Unknown

IMG_0318How often do we sit at home dreaming about a future that could have been? Living in regret of the past…grieving over mistakes. What about that overwhelming feeling that you are never going to get past the self-limiting thoughts that hold you captive in your mind. Have you given up on believing that there is a way out of the prison you’ve been living in?

Let me tell you a story. It’s a story of a girl who dreamed of becoming someone special but was limited by her insecurities. Never making the grade…an underachiever. She felt that she was not pretty enough. Didn’t have the right words. Not talented enough. Living in a poor family who’s only examples never got ahead in life.

That girl was me!

For most of my life I believed all those lies about myself. That I was never going to achieve anything, nor amount to much. So I adapted my belief system to match my circumstances and daydreamed my way through school. I thought my purpose in life was to become a wife, have children and there I would find my purpose. Yet life wasn’t as simple as that. After marrying and having two children I discovered that my knight in shining armour had a few chinks and my insecurities deepened. I was back to the issues that had kept me chained in the first place.

I thought by finding greener pasture things would turn around for me. But instead, what I experienced was neglect, abuse and bankruptcy. It seemed that I couldn’t fix myself no matter how many self-help books I read or counselling sessions I went to. Only God was able to help me see myself as he created me to be. Once I discovered that, I found freedom.

And now I as I venture out of the prison into the unknown I know I am not alone. I am able to follow the voice of the only One who knows me better than I know myself. The God who formed me in my mothers womb and planned my life. Now I’m living it!

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