Working in the Dark

Working in the darkMuch of the journey of writing my book were met with difficulties. I spent a lot of time in someone else’s home looking after pets. Some places were dark and cold or too hot. Other times I had no access to a computer. I had some periods when after writing a couple of chapters I had to take time off to process what I’d just written and allow healing to come.

One house I stayed had no computer or internet access. So I borrowed a friends old Toshiba XP laptop with the ‘m’ button missing. Because the computer was so old it was slow to work with, and every time I took a break, the thing would go to sleep and fail to load up again. Or it would freeze causing me to force a shut down and start it up again and then it would take a long time to get going.

Some of the paintings I created for the book were met with trials as well, often working in cold rooms with poor lighting. The other problem I had was that I was well overdue for new glasses and my eyesight was failing. But what could I do? Funding was not available at this time to sort that problem out. And because of the lack of money, some of my paintings were produced in frustration taking much longer than it should have because of the inferior paper I was using.

Because I was house-sitting through the whole process, I could only write or paint according to the conditions…or the animals I had to take care of. If they were cats that were allowed to walk on the benches and tables then I had to forget painting altogether. If the animals demanded a lot of attention there was no point writing either. Some places just didn’t allow for that kind of activity.

I am so thankful for my close friends who kept encouraging and urging me to push through. As well as being driven by a God-given steely determination and compulsion to get my story out.

The final outcome? A published book!

My book Created to Shine: A journey of faith through the storms of life can be purchased at as a Kindle and as a paperback


Laughter is the best medicine

IMG_0580Following on from yesterday’s post ‘Jumping in puddles’ I thought you might appreciate this video called Laughter is the best medicine with Myrtle and Beryl. They are two ordinary women living in an Adelaide suburb and their sole purpose in life is to bring you joy.

I was finding in my own life situations around me where getting too intense. I prayed to God often that He would give me joy in my heart but I couldn’t seem to attain that. That is, until I met Myrtle and Beryl! Now I can’t stop laughing even just looking at their silly faces!

I can honestly say….that laughter is the best medicine and that God did indeed answer my prayer.

To view the video click here

Jumping in puddles

dancing in the rainWhen I was a child I loved storms in summer at the end of a heatwave. In the city where we lived, we used to get some pretty intense thunder storms with lightening often striking buildings near our home. As much as I loved it, the loud claps of thunder would often send me diving under the kitchen table. But after awhile I would join my siblings outside, and we would jump in the puddles and run along the gutters. Fear had been replaced with joy as we danced, ran and slid in the rain.

This can be a great lesson to overcoming fear in our lives. We can either hide from the storm or look for opportunities and find joy in the midst of it. That doesn’t mean that the storm is over, but we learn to look at it differently.

Remember how I said at the beginning of this blog that the storms I loved and enjoyed the most often came at the end of a long heatwave. Sometimes trials in our life, like the heatwave, can be long and hard to cope with. If we allow life to steal our joy, we can end up bitter and hard. I have learnt to look for joy when the storms of life keep relentlessly raging on. And I’ve discovered refreshing rain in the midst of it.