Jumping in puddles

dancing in the rainWhen I was a child I loved storms in summer at the end of a heatwave. In the city where we lived, we used to get some pretty intense thunder storms with lightening often striking buildings near our home. As much as I loved it, the loud claps of thunder would often send me diving under the kitchen table. But after awhile I would join my siblings outside, and we would jump in the puddles and run along the gutters. Fear had been replaced with joy as we danced, ran and slid in the rain.

This can be a great lesson to overcoming fear in our lives. We can either hide from the storm or look for opportunities and find joy in the midst of it. That doesn’t mean that the storm is over, but we learn to look at it differently.

Remember how I said at the beginning of this blog that the storms I loved and enjoyed the most often came at the end of a long heatwave. Sometimes trials in our life, like the heatwave, can be long and hard to cope with. If we allow life to steal our joy, we can end up bitter and hard. I have learnt to look for joy when the storms of life keep relentlessly raging on. And I’ve discovered refreshing rain in the midst of it.


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