An unknown path

First night on my new journey camping in a one-man tent

It was 21 December 2013 when I left my home and started on a new venture without knowing where it would lead. But I set the time aside to write a book and see where God would lead me. I gave away most of my possessions, and everything I owned was in my small Laser Lynx car. This photo is the first night of my new life. The following is an excerpt from my journal.

“Today I packed up all my worldly goods into my car. I have left my job so I can be free to go wherever God wants me to go and most of my household goods I gave to my son and his friend. I don’t know where God is leading me, but I am so confident that this is the right time to go and this is the way he wants it.

I’m too tired to know how to feel right now. I have a few coins in my purse and not a whole lot in the bank. I’m sleeping in a tent, that my brother gave me, at Semaphore Caravan Park. The tent is comfortable and I feel a great sense of the presence of God with me. Tomorrow I start my first house-sitting job for two weeks. I believe God will provide all my needs. And I wish to not go on Centrelink benefits.”

About a week later I started writing. The following an excerpt from my book Created to Shine: A journey of faith through the storms of life

“Anxiety wells up within me. How do I start this journey that the Lord wants me to go on? I have left my home and all my worldly possessions now fit into my small car. I am staying in a stranger’s house for two weeks. Everything is so unfamiliar. “How do I walk this road Lord?”…….

……..So here I am finally making my own decision to listen to God rather than man, and to trust the Lord with my future. It wasn’t an easy choice to leave the security of a job and the comfort of a home to walk an unknown path. I found that people felt really uncomfortable with this and again tried to control the situation. It was suggested that I wouldn’t be able to sustain this type of lifestyle for long. There was a steady supply of suggestions with regards to what I should be doing. I had to learn to ignore the advice that sounded good but wasn’t what God had asked me to do. Contrary to popular opinion I chose to go all the way with God, follow his plan, and live a life out of the ordinary.”

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A trip to remember

Commer van 4It was 1973 when revival came to my family. I was the oldest of nine children, and had seen my fair share of struggles. Mum and Dad had come to a crisis in their faith, and they hoped to find the answers they were looking for as they took a leap of faith into the unknown. Brought up in the Catholic tradition we certainly did not know what a Christian convention was, but we were promised that this would be a life-changing event.

The boys fought as usual for the prized front seat between Mum and Dad. And the rest of us piled into the back of our old Commer van, seated on two bench seats, and headed off for the trip to Mildura.  It was a trip that we all hoped would be the catalyst for a brighter future.

When we arrived at the camp ground, the place was abuzz with anticipation of what the next four days would bring. My grandparents were there waiting for us, and I noticed that people seemed to treat each other like family. It was the first time I had ever experienced such a gathering, and I felt right at home. The night rally’s were my favourite part of the convention as we sang, clapped, danced, played various percussion instruments, and listened to the preachers animated sermons. I drank it all in, and I didn’t want it to finish.

As the camp was nearing an end, we stocked up on several buckets of grapes for the trip home. Turns out that we really needed those grapes to keep us hydrated, because the old van overheated numerous times. The only way Dad was able to keep the van going was to drive real slow. What should have been a 4 hour trip back home took us 12 hours. What I will never forget is the vision my little two year old brother praising the Lord along with us and singing the new songs we had learnt all the way home. It was certainly a trip to remember!