An unknown path

First night on my new journey camping in a one-man tent

It was 21 December 2013 when I left my home and started on a new venture without knowing where it would lead. But I set the time aside to write a book and see where God would lead me. I gave away most of my possessions, and everything I owned was in my small Laser Lynx car. This photo is the first night of my new life. The following is an excerpt from my journal.

“Today I packed up all my worldly goods into my car. I have left my job so I can be free to go wherever God wants me to go and most of my household goods I gave to my son and his friend. I don’t know where God is leading me, but I am so confident that this is the right time to go and this is the way he wants it.

I’m too tired to know how to feel right now. I have a few coins in my purse and not a whole lot in the bank. I’m sleeping in a tent, that my brother gave me, at Semaphore Caravan Park. The tent is comfortable and I feel a great sense of the presence of God with me. Tomorrow I start my first house-sitting job for two weeks. I believe God will provide all my needs. And I wish to not go on Centrelink benefits.”

About a week later I started writing. The following an excerpt from my book Created to Shine: A journey of faith through the storms of life

“Anxiety wells up within me. How do I start this journey that the Lord wants me to go on? I have left my home and all my worldly possessions now fit into my small car. I am staying in a stranger’s house for two weeks. Everything is so unfamiliar. “How do I walk this road Lord?”…….

……..So here I am finally making my own decision to listen to God rather than man, and to trust the Lord with my future. It wasn’t an easy choice to leave the security of a job and the comfort of a home to walk an unknown path. I found that people felt really uncomfortable with this and again tried to control the situation. It was suggested that I wouldn’t be able to sustain this type of lifestyle for long. There was a steady supply of suggestions with regards to what I should be doing. I had to learn to ignore the advice that sounded good but wasn’t what God had asked me to do. Contrary to popular opinion I chose to go all the way with God, follow his plan, and live a life out of the ordinary.”

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