Fundraising money

I hav12075093_423823421150326_3115692738937771749_ne been raising money to help my sponsor child’s family have their roof and wall repaired. Unfortunately I got news that the family did not show up on Sunday to collect their food parcel and it was discovered that this widow and her four children have gone to live in Karachi. Because the widow’s husband had died, the house belonged to his family but she had a right to live there. Her husbands’ brothers came recently and saw the poor conditions they were living in so they decided it was best to sell it and they helped them move closer to relatives. I thank God that this widow and family are being looked after.

As I have raised $208 from the raffle and the cake stall, I have decided that this money will be used to purchase two sewing machines. With this facility,  widows and other uneducated women will learn the skill of sewing through Lily of the Valley Sewing School to give them an avenue to generate an income.

The goal of this project is to:12810229_980284368719691_814793743_o-1-400x300

  • To bring relief to poverty.
  • To equip women with the skills and resources to generate an income.
  • To make it possible for poor children to get an education.
  • To stop children from picking up plastic from the rubbish dumps to sell.
  • Helping these women to feed their families every day.
Influential Missions & Outreach Program are an Australian Not for Profit / Charity Organisation. (Est. 2012). They work in partnership with Grace of God Church – Faisalabad, Pakistan. (Est. 1983)

Market Stall

Susie and I had a very impressive looking cake and jewellery stall today at a local market. The jewellery didn’t sell but I made $43.40 from the cakes. Along with last week’s raffle, I have now raised $208.  My goal is to raise $1,500 for my sponsor child’s family in Faisalabad. Next week I will be doing a bottle drive around my neighbourhood so we’ll see what I can get from that. Every little bit helps.


The purpose of this fundraising effort is to help my sponsor child’s family in Faisalabad, Pakistan get a roof on their home and repair the wall that is broken down. With summer coming up also means their wet season, so the plastic sheets that they have for a roof is not going to keep them dry for long.

This is a project that is supported by Influential Missions & Outreach Program Inc. who are an Australian Charity Organisation. One of their programs is Lily of the Valley Children’s home who provide for children who have no home, distribution of food parcels among other things endeavouring to help the poor as much as possible.