Market Stall

Susie and I had a very impressive looking cake and jewellery stall today at a local market. The jewellery didn’t sell but I made $43.40 from the cakes. Along with last week’s raffle, I have now raised $208.  My goal is to raise $1,500 for my sponsor child’s family in Faisalabad. Next week I will be doing a bottle drive around my neighbourhood so we’ll see what I can get from that. Every little bit helps.


The purpose of this fundraising effort is to help my sponsor child’s family in Faisalabad, Pakistan get a roof on their home and repair the wall that is broken down. With summer coming up also means their wet season, so the plastic sheets that they have for a roof is not going to keep them dry for long.

This is a project that is supported by Influential Missions & Outreach Program Inc. who are an Australian Charity Organisation. One of their programs is Lily of the Valley Children’s home who provide for children who have no home, distribution of food parcels among other things endeavouring to help the poor as much as possible.


One thought on “Market Stall

  1. May not have sold jewlery ,but was great to Hear people’s stories ,folks are open to each other more then ever,today was more then about selling,for me it was about listening to where people in the streets are at ,so it was a great day !


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